Coffee With Cher

Join us on Thursdays where Events To Remember will be hosting weekly lifestyle workshops for moms. Chereese Jervis-Hill will be presenting "Coffee With Cher" from 10AM - 11AM starting on October 25th. Coffee With Cher will be held right outside of Bear Mountain Coffee in Center Court. 

These weekly in-person lifestyle workshops which will include field trips around the mall, coffee and treats, coupons and special offers and interactive fun for Yorktown Mom's in the surrounding Jefferson Valley Mall area. 

Workshop topics include: 

- Passion Talks, What's your passion, are you following your passion?

- DIY easy to do party projects to jazz up with upcoming event.

- Gifts on a budget with Jefferson Valley Mall tour.

- Fashion Talk, Keeping it trendy at every age. 

- Themed birthday parties with a twist. 

- Balling on a budget, What coupon apps are you using? 

- Coffee with Cher Scavenger Hunt at the JV Mall.

- Invitations that sets your event apart from the rest. 

- Social Media, The do's and don'ts. 

- What kind of shoe are you?

- What could we do to make the world a better place?

- Self Care, Making "Me Time" a priority.

Events To Remember